Greetings from the Founder of CAM Publishing Greetings from the Founder of CAM Publishing

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It gives me great pleasure to have the opportunity to spend a few special moments to acquaint you with the Michael Jackson American Master Project. Most of you are familiar with our chronicle, as it has been circulating around the planet for over eighteen years. It is a most unusual book and not like any other discourse that has been presented to the public domain.

You will discover that it is in a category that stands alone,

Michael Jackson’s presence is known around the world for his individual contribution to his generation in the music genre, multiple talents and his personal offerings to localities, organizations and hospitals financial assistance to numerous people in need and his generous nature to host sick and disadvantage.

Many of his fans and associates expressed their love of this genuine human being and their close attachment to him physically, mentally and emotionally within their being. Most people would agree that he was a monumental individual who truly wanted to make the world a better place and restore it to nature’s purpose of our earthly visit to Planet Earth.

How does the populace adequately describe such an all-encompassing individual? They might say that his persona is an all-inclusive example of the natural traits humanity should experience on its planetary journey. While this is a truthful and honest assessment, it doesn’t describe in totality, the person that he genuinely is and the impact he has on the world.

Every century has an individual who relates and guides mankind to get the very most of their live experience. In the last five hundred years or so, humanity has not discovered that special person who, has not only advanced the world, but illustrates and harmonizes with the Higher Source and the principles that the creatures on earth should emulate.

When I had the extreme pleasure of acquainting myself with, not only, the persona of Michael Jackson, but the deep instilled characteristics of his essence, I knew that he was a universal master as he combined his genius nature and his unparalleled understanding of his core talent with the purpose of the provisions that nature so generously provided for all the creatures and the natural resources for man to embrace, maintain and advance.

While most of humanity knows about talented individuals who used their talent to perfect the uses of the physical and invisible resources of the microcosm, in this time and place on the planet, there is such an individual and that person, in the flesh is a man that the whole world knows as Michael Jackson.

While such a person was easily recognizable to me, I spent years studying the past universal masters. I readily understood that there must be a common thread in their thought process that bound them together in the family of past universal masters. There are twelve common characteristics and Michael Jackson easily and effortlessly fit all the Attributes of the Master.

It is my hope that my universal family will benefit and discover that, indeed, they are not only getting a book but a proclamation of Michael Jackson, this century’s universal master. It is an authorized second edition of Michael Jackson: American Master with over forty photographs of Michael that he personally selected. The book is designed to be a keepsake and something that you will want to pass on to future generations of your family as an historical part of history for this time and place on the planet.

At this time, I would personally like to thank my dedicated and personal team for their expertise and willingness to make this tome available for you. As a special aspect, this new second edition, in all actuality, consists of two books in one with a special section, titled, “The Addendum”. The book also makes it possible to individually contact me and I sincerely hope you avail yourselves of the opportunity as it would be a great pleasure in communicating with my universal family.

In closing, as you will discover in this tome Michael sent a special transmittal to all of his fans for their dedication and generous devotion throughout the years he resided on the planet. Please rest assured that in his elevation, he will remain with you as his essence is ever present as he circulates his spirit around the world.

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