Why is Michael surrounded with so much controversy?

If Michael Jackson has been acknowledged as the Master of our time and generation, why is he surrounded with so much controversy?

When Diane Sawyer commented on the controversy over his album, "HIStory", Michael Jackson responded, "Controversy! Good, they fell for the trap!". If a person is going to free himself, he must eliminate the cords that are binding him. In the thought process, this is accomplished by study and research. Michael Jackson is sending out powerful messages and the populace is going to have to stretch their own thinking and creative resources to fully comprehend and keep up with him.

The advantages are many, and so fulfilling that you will have no desire to return to your old thought process. In truth, the very criticisms that are made are on the messages that the populace needs most. It's not about factions. It's not about separating people, but uniting in our oneness. Doing this, mankind practices the age-old universal principles which are constantly embracing him.

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