Michael Jackson is known everywhere on the planet. Why is this, and why is he so different and unique from other people and performers?

The reason Michael Jackson is so well known, honored and appreciated is many-fold. Perhaps, the answer could be in Elizabeth Taylor's expression, "He is larger than life." If something is compared with something else, there has to be a relationship. If Michael Jackson is larger than life, he has to be a part of it and compared to it.

Michael's comprehension of the total scope of life, and his relationship to the universal force, far exceed the understanding of the common man. He becomes part of the source, responds to the invisible portion of man's being, his soul. He uses intuition, inspiration and thought, and manifests his talent by breaking through the arbitrary boundaries which man, unquestionably, believes are the barriers to his individual creativity.

Perhaps Bob Jones said it best when he mentioned that Michael is a "composite that nature desires every individual to attain". By being one with nature and listening to that invisible voice within his being, Michael is unique in both his presence and talent.

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