What are universal principles, and why are they so important to understand in order to obtain what I desire for my life?

Universal principles are the foundation of the system that nature uses in manifesting the necessities and beauty of all creation. They are the laws which apply not only to man, but to all of the planet's earthly creatures.

The universe stresses "oneness". Every creature or manifestation on the planet commences from one source. What the individual, in his quest, calls this source is personal in nature. The book uses a universal term, "Creator". Whatever term, or lack of such a term, the manifestations of nature were formed by a much Higher Source than man, and he is automatically tied into this Higher Source. Michael Jackson believes that God has no form. This is a powerful and accurate assessment, because He is everywhere, and in every provision we have on the planet, and in the vastness of the outer perimeters of time and space.

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