"Who is the master for our generation? What is his message?..."

"A woman had these very same questions, and she found the pathway to my office on May 13, 1994. Her message was unusual and different than most individuals who find their way to our door. She explained to me that she didn't really want me to actually do anything. She remarked that her mission was to write a book on a master of our generation. She said that, in her heart, she felt that she knew who this master is; she had done extensive research of the past masters and that all the qualifications pointed in the direction of Michael Jackson."

"The woman mentioned that she would need permission to write such a book about Michael. Although this isn't the usual procedure these days, due to the subject matter, she explained that she felt it was necessary. She would never attempt to write about another individual without his full consent..."

"Since she felt the contents had to be extremely accurate and honest, the author did make two requests. One, that I would review the completed manuscript; and two, that I would assist in revealing Michael's essence by donating the artistic material and introducing the master to the world by writing the foreword."

-- Bob Jones, Vice President, MJJ Productions, Inc. (1996)

Michael Jackson American Master is authorized by MJJ Productions, Inc.

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